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Holistic dentistry

Holistic dentistry not only sees an unhealthy tooth, but also detects interactions between the mouth and the entire body. Find out more >>

Amalgam removal with five-step protection process

I have never used amalgam in over 20 years working as a dentist! Find out more >>


Implants are artificial roots made from titanium or ceramics and provide anchorage for dental prostheses. The quality of this technology has now reached a standard almost on a par with nature. Find out more >>


Implant prosthodontics, bridges/adhesive bridges, inlays, crowns, dental prosthesis. Find out more >>


Modern treatment is now inconceivable without prophylaxis, which has become a cornerstone of dental health. Find out more >>

Cosmetic dentistry

Do you want white teeth for a gleaming smile? Come in for a consultation! Find out more >>

Bioresonance therapy

Main treatment areas include allergy therapy, intestinal rehabilitation, detoxification, exhaustion therapy, hormone deficiencies, hormone imbalance, anti-parasite treatment, parasite expulsion Find out more »


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