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Bridges l adhesive bridges

Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges if neighbouring teeth offer enough support to affix the bridge elements. For this purpose, the adjacent teeth are covered with crowns (see Crowns) and linked by the bridge element replacing the missing tooth.


Inlays and partial crowns

Inlays (cast fillings) and partial crowns made of gold or ceramics (porcelain) offer an alternative to plastic fillings.

These are first prepared using loupes and then made to order, depending on the impression method, by a dental technician in a precision casting process. They are usually used for teeth at the back of the mouth. The tailor-made manufacture means that the occlusal surfaces can be reconstructed exactly, enabling extremely precise, functional and long-lasting restoration.

It should be borne in mind that gold-coloured fillings are visible and are not always recommended for reasons of aesthetics. In these cases, we advise the use of ceramic fillings. A similar manufacturing process as that used for gold inlays is applied here.

Ceramic inlays are similar to gold inlays in terms of function and durability. If what matters to you are visually perfect restoration options that are comparable to a healthy tooth in shape and colour, this type of filling is absolutely unbeatable.


If severely damaged teeth can no longer be preserved by fillings, if old fillings are causing irritation or if a tooth is necrotic, has had root canal treatment or is discoloured, crowning may be appropriate.


Crowns can be made from gold alloys and ceramics. They need to be manufactured using a loupe and microscope in order to achieve a seamless fit for the edge of the crown and perfect accuracy in its physiological design.

Although gold has been used successfully for many years, gold crowns should be used only in non-visible areas for reasons of aesthetics.

It has outstanding inherent stability, even under severe strain, and can be processed with great precision.


If you want no compromises in shape and appearance, you should choose fully ceramic crowns. Fully ceramic crowns are the healthiest and most attractive alternative.


Dental prosthesis

If you have lost one or more teeth, your masticatory function can be restored via a range of measures.

The dental prostheses that we make must satisfy the highest functional requirements.

In order to ensure this, we work only with certified German master laboratories. As part of this process, great value is placed on certified materials. These can be tested in advance for compatibility. Since there are many different options for dental prostheses and manufacturing is usually very time-consuming, an extensive consultation is extremely important.


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