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Modern treatment is now inconceivable without prophylaxis, which has become a cornerstone of dental health.

It is no longer wishful thinking to hope that our children never experience tooth decay and that we can enjoy healthy teeth long into our old age. Prophylaxis starts in early childhood and stays with you for your entire life. Domestic oral hygiene alone is usually not enough to keep teeth and gums healthy. Professional tooth-cleaning is an important element of consistent prophylaxis, with coatings and discolouration carefully removed. If these coatings are not removed regularly, caries and periodontitis can result.

Our trained prophylaxis assistants offer professional prophylaxis with state-of-the-art equipment (ultrasonic cleaning and airflow) and help you to help yourself.

The statutory health insurance funds will bear the costs for removing tartar and soft coatings only once per year. Professional tooth-cleaning includes the removal of both hard and soft coatings, as well as tooth-polishing and fluoridation, and helps to preserve your masticatory system for the long term.


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