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General dentistry

Functional analysis

Even minor changes in the complex masticatory system can lead to the

following symptoms:

- Chronic tension in the face, neck and shoulders

- Clicking and pain in the mandibular joints

- Headaches

- Tension pain

- Limited chewing movement

- Spinal problems

- Tinnitus

- Over-sensitive teeth

- Tooth loosening/gingival recession

   These problems can often be solved or at least improved by

   correcting dental occlusion and function.

Preventative care

You can preserve the health of your teeth and masticatory system through consistent maintenance. We want to help you with this as much as we can. The condition of your teeth can often change over time without you noticing.

And rarely for the better! Gradual changes in the oral region can have major effects on your face and expression. Bad teeth can dent your confidence and significantly impair your general well-being.

Our prophylaxis consulting can help you make your healthy, natural teeth even more beautiful! An unhealthy tooth can be preserved permanently after repair in cooperation between patient and dentist. We aim to give you a diagnosis that makes all the important health aspects clear to you.


Treatment of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is the primary cause of tooth loss, as it is often noticed much too late owing to the fact that it is largely painless at first.

Our treatment regimen ranges from preparatory tooth-cleaning to follow-up care and maintenance of a healthy periodontium.

If you are suffering from gum disease, we primarily treat it in a manner that preserves tissue by cleaning the root surface and gingival pockets. This gets rid of plaque that you cannot remove yourself, even with the best domestic dental care.

Treatment of periodontal disease depends on severity and can range from professional tooth-cleaning to surgery. Recent research has shown the potential risk that bacterial inflammation of the gums poses for the entire body (increased risk of heart attack and stroke as well as to pregnant women and diabetics).

However, the majority of cases of periodontitis can be treated without surgery under local anaesthetic. Our goal is for your gums to be healthy – after all, only if your gums are healthy can you keep your teeth in good shape for life.

Surgical periodontal treatment

This involves measures to change the appearance of your gums.

It might be that you want to improve your smile by correcting your gum line, or cover exposed tooth necks or close dark gaps between your teeth by means of minimally invasive surgery using sophisticated microsurgery methods.


Paediatric dentistry

We take paediatric dentistry extremely seriously at our practice. Get your children accustomed to visiting the dentist at an early age – they’ll thank you for it later! Proper dental care right from the start is essential for well-being later in life. Special care is required for children, depending on their age. The top priority when it comes to getting children to brush their teeth is to make it fun! A child’s first visit to the dentist should always be a positive memory – so don’t just wait until there are already problems!


Root canal treatment l endodontics

Dental caries, trauma etc. can cause irreversible damage to the dental nerve (in the pulp). Root canal treatment is the only way to preserve a tooth damaged in this way. Root canal treatment should always be viewed as an attempt to prevent the need to remove a tooth. The quality of the treatment method used is crucial to its success. Root canal treatment is not always the same wherever you go!

At our practice, we perform this treatment using special instruments, in addition to electrometric length measurement and hydrodynamic rinsing. This method is very time-consuming, but it’s worth it! It can give a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment the same lifetime as a healthy tooth.


Splint therapy

Diseases of the masticatory muscles and the mandibular joints can cause enormous physical stress. Symptoms of many of these problems are often explained by stress and are triggered by grinding or clenching teeth at night. Nightly grinding of teeth, or bruxism, can cause unusually high wear on teeth and lead to irreparable long-term damage, such as migraine-like pain or pain in mandibular joints, as well as neck and shoulder tension.

Therapy involves individually customised mouth guards manufactured with functional and therapeutic considerations in mind. Effective treatment also incorporates physiotherapy, such as specialist treatment of the shoulder, neck and facial muscles.


Dental maintenance

Understandably, the focus of our efforts is on preserving your teeth!

That means that if teeth have already been attacked or destroyed by caries, they need to be restored. All defects in teeth, right down to the roots, must be rectified in such a way that even though your teeth may have fillings, they will be free of caries and capable of being preserved for life.

We use amalgam-free, biocompatible filling materials and minimally invasive treatment (least possible intrusion into healthy dental substrate), and take aesthetics into consideration (a restored tooth should not be different from the others in terms of colour or shape).

The filling materials that we currently use consist primarily of ceramics and contain only a small amount of plastic. They are hardened under UV light, giving them enormous hardness.

Unfortunately, major defects sometimes limit what we can do, but we would rather keep a tooth healthy than have to repair it.


Restorative therapy

We are an amalgam-free practice and offer a range of alternatives that provide extremely durable and abrasion-resistant fillings that are both inexpensive and indistinguishable from the natural dental substrate. Ceramic or gold inlays can also be used upon request. We prefer to use non-metallic materials (electrosmog).


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