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Cosmetic dentistry

Using modern and innovative methods,
we can make your dental problems invisible!


Bleaching teeth involves making them lighter with the aid of modern methods. We use only materials that effect oxidation of inorganic dye molecules through separation of oxygen. These materials are applied to the teeth using splints or films.

Lightening is visible after just a few days.

If conducted carefully and professionally, bleaching is harmless to tooth enamel and gums. One prerequisite for its use is that teeth and gums must be completely healthy. Crowned and heavily filled teeth cannot be treated, or require a very time-consuming process.

Veneers und laminates

If your front teeth are worn, damaged, discoloured or unsightly, it does not necessarily mean you need crowns.

Teeth can be made to look their best with veneers and laminates. These are thin ceramic shells, tailor-made for each patient, that are applied to the teeth using adhesives. Because the veneers are only very thin, a very thin layer is all that need be removed from the surface of the tooth. Even large gaps between the front teeth, as well as chipped front teeth, can be corrected cosmetically with these veneers, providing a completely natural appearance that cannot be achieved with any other material due to colour stability.

Additional services

- Ceramic restorations
- Orthodontic work
- Tooth-coloured fillings
- Shape corrections to individual teeth



Cosmetic dental treatment is only covered by the statutory health insurance funds in exceptional cases. Special supplementary dental insurance may be a good idea if you want to receive this treatment.

We would be happy to advise you! Our aim is to use thorough planning to achieve a result that fits your expectations and your personality.

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