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Bioresonance therapy*

The term “bioresonance therapy” refers to a treatment method classified as complementary medicine (complementary medicine means that it is an alternative and accompaniment to conventional, science-based treatment methods). Bioresonance therapy is based on the idea that the human body emits different electromagnetic oscillations. Body cells, tissue structures and organs have specific oscillations that communicate with and influence each other. External substances in particular (such as viruses, bacteria, heavy metals) can have negative effects on the body’s own electromagnetic oscillation pattern, providing favourable conditions for the onset of illness. The aim of bioresonance therapy is to restore the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself by changing its oscillation pattern.

(Source: www.bioresonanztherapie.de by REGUMED)

Treatment is carried out using the latest bioresonance device, the Bicom Optima.

*Disclaimer: The statements made here regarding therapies and treatments are based on naturopathic experience and are not methods recognised by conventional medicine. The characteristics and effects of the therapies are derived largely from findings from my experience and the experience of other users. Patients should on no account infer that the illnesses and conditions referred to here can always be healed by the use of the suggested therapies. Application of the methods described does not guarantee that the complaints or diseases will be healed.

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